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 South Coast Branch Championships

Saturday 1st Feb 2014

                               Each club is to nominate officials to assist with the carnival as per  NSWSLS ratio

  1. All competitors must be financial and proficient members of their club.
  2. All events must have two clubs competing or three competitors from the same Club.
  3. Some age groups may be combined to allow events to take place
  1. Board Rescue races will only be run to allow for State entry’s if necessary.

                       Team managers and officials meeting at 8.30am

               9.00 2km beach sprint  All Ages


              9.30  Water

 Open male Surf & teams

Open female surf & teams

U19 male &U19 female surf & teams

U15 &U17 male surf & teams

U15 &U17 female surf & teams

O30/O40/O50 male surf

O30/O40/O50 female surf


Mens/womens/U19 double ski

Mixed double ski

Open male ski

Open female ski

U19 male and female ski

O30/O40/O50 male ski

O30/O40/O50 female ski


Open female board

Open male board

U19 male & female board

U15 & U17 male board

U15 & U17 female board

O30/O40/O50 male board

O30/O40/O50 female board


Open female ironperson

Open male ironman

U19 male & female ironperson

U15 & U17 male ironman

U15 & U17 female ironperson

O30/O40/O50 male ironman

O30/O40/O50 female ironperson



9.30  Beach

U15 &U17 Beach sprints

U15 &U17 relays


 Open Beach sprints

O30/O40/O50 beach sprints

U19 Beach sprints

Open mixed beach relays


 U15 &U17 Male & Female flags

U19 male &female flags

Open male &female Flags

O30/O40/O50 male &female flags