Season 2022-23

First day of nippers is Sunday 23 October. The start time will be staggered by age group, same as the past few years. All information about start times for each age group, and what will happen on Sunday has been posted on TeamApp (see below hot to join our TeamApp group).

Our club regalia shop is open 9-12 every Sunday for you to purchase club swimmers etc.

We are using a free app called TeamApp to communicate.

Please download Stack Team App, search for ‘Mollymook Nippers’ and request to join.

If you’d prefer the website version please click here:


Registration can only be done online through

There are 3 different cost options:

Individual Nipper – $50, or

Family Membership – $80 plus affiliation fee of $12 for each nipper.  For example, family with 1 nipper = $92, with 2 nippers = $104 etc. or

Registration fees entitle children to full competitive and training use of age appropriate club equipment including paddle boards and use of the club house and its facilities (which includes toilets, change room and showers.)

The club has a good store of equipment, including foam and fibre glass boards. Each age group is able to have access to this equipment, and it will be available at regular club training and inter club competition.

Age Groups

Age groups remain a minimum age of 7 years (U/8) up to a maximum age of 13 years (U/14) on a seasonal basis, with age group for the season being determined as at midnight on 30 September at the commencement of that season.  For example, if your child is 8 years old on midnight 30 September, they will be in the U/9s.

Additional Info

The season calendar is typically split up between Coaching days, Team Days, Club Championships / Pointscore (four) and Branch Inter-Club Carnivals, Branch Championships, Country and State Carnivals.

Sunday morning activities commence at 8.45am with an assembly & information session. Beach activities start promptly at 9:00am followed by water events.

You can expect that Sunday morning Nippers and carnivals are generally held in all weather conditions. Surf activities will be curtailed if the surf is too rough. Whilst the water is still cool, during club activities, wetsuits can be worn for water events. During competition at carnivals wetsuits CANNOT be worn.

Opportunity is also taken at these times to carry out the required Surf Education program of learning.

Families are kept up to date on upcoming activities at the Sunday morning assemblies, website and newsletters.

Please don’t be afraid to ask anyone on the committee if you are in doubt at all about the scheduled program of events.


  • Coloured age group caps are to be worn for all home beach activities. These caps are supplied by the club. Club caps (black with white stripes) are different to our coloured age caps and need to be worn when competing at a carnival. Club caps can also be purchased from our Regalia shop.
  • Club swimwear is also available at the Regalia shop. Children are required to wear club costumes in interclub team event competition. Prices are very competitive. For the safety of all competitors no jewellery is permitted to be worn in any surf club competition or training.
  • For all junior activities it is a requirement for all aquatic (water) activities that nippers be clearly identified with an endorsed high visibility garment as a means of easy identification above the water surface. Our club has hi-vis singlets available at the Regalia shop
  • The Regalia shop also has supplies of club long sleeve t-shirts, sloppy joes, sunproof jackets. To see our items available visit the regalia shop.

Although uniforms are available throughout the season, most families purchase their needs at the beginning of each year. To keep costs down, we make every effort to purchase quality goods at the most competitive prices available. Dated (but unused) stock is sometimes available at cheaper prices so it’s worth checking before making your purchase.

We thank you in advance for helping to finalise registrations before our first Nippers day on 23rd October. This will ensure your child is not excluded from activities, pending processing, and we can all get on with enjoying the beach from day one.


  • Tony Ireland 0411 143 771
  • Steph Campbell (Secretary) 0414 789 351

CANBERRA CONTACT: Peter Innes 0456 408 330




2022-2023 Calendar is posted on TeamApp.