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Pre 2001 RSA and RCG certificates not valid from 2012.

Paper responsible service Of Alcohol (RSA) and (RCG) certificates are being phased out following the introduction of the photo competency card in August 2011. RSA & RCG certificates issued prior to 2011 expire under the new laws. As of 1st July 2012 these certificates are no longer valid evidence of training competency. RSA & RCG paper certificate holders will need to complete a new course with a NSW RSA OR RCG training provider. Holders of expired paper certificates can be fined by the NSW Police or OLG&R inspector. Paper certificates will be phased out over the next five years as set out below.

Transition Dates for the Expiry of RSA/RCG Paper Certificates

RSA & RCG paper certificates issued     Expiry Date
Prior to Jan 2001                            30th June 2012
1st Jan 2001 – 31st Dec 2006    30th June 2013
1st Jan 2007 – 31st Dec 2008    30th June 2014
1st Jan 2009 – 31st Dec 2009    30th June 2015
1st Jan 2010 – 21st Aug 2011    30th June 2016

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